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 Till the World Ends- RP APP

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PostSubject: Till the World Ends- RP APP   Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:08 pm

There used to be two tribes. One that specialized in the use of magic and healing, called Bijojo, and the other in thievery and weapons, called Brogo. The two hated each other, and barely ever spoke a whisper to the other. Bijojo would constantly try to destroy Brogo's territory with their magic, and Brogo almost daily attempted to steal a thing or two from Bijojo.
But then came Charakes. A mysterious tribe that the two decided to leave alone, yet it ended up toppling them. Charakes was boss, Charakes was everything and everyone.
The two tribes had no choice other than to form as one, the two current leaders from the tribes, Roloi, the leader of Bijojo, and Lup, the leader of Brogo, talked and talked until they both agreed this was the only way, forming a single tribe, Svet.
This was 20 years ago, Roloi and Lup were both killed attempting to fight Charakes, and two new leaders have arisen. They take new recruits whenever they can, and try to survive.
In this roleplay, you play as someone in the Svet tribe, attempting to fight Charakes away and your daily life and routines in the Svet tribe. There is still feisty hatred from the magic users and the weapon users, unless they weren't in the tribe at that time.
Yes, one of you may (Actually one of you HAS to be) the magic leader, since I'm being the weapons leader, and I need someone else. The rest of you will just be tribe members, though you're all equally important. There are no gender specific roles.
Got that?
Magic or Weapons user:
Age when s/he joined the clan:
Name: Matthew (Or Matt) Garden
Age: 32
Position: Leader of the weapon/thief people. Originally just a member of Brogo.
Magic or Weapons user: Weapons.
Age when he joined the clan: Been there all his life, mum and dad were in it.
Bio: Matthew was born and raised in Brogo. He was just a regular user there, people said he was much too young to actually be able to steal from Bijojo. He grew up learning from others, though, therefore by the time he was about ten, he started to steal from the Bijojo tribe. However, when he turned 12, Charakes began to attack, and hearing the news from their leader, Lup, he got enraged. He begged Lup for this to not happen, but Lup smiled, she told Matt that it would be okay.
Years and years of the two being together, and he still seems to like to fool around or make fun of the magic users, those that would originally be in Bijojo.
At age 22, the current weapons leader, Yixi, suffered a disease gotten from Charakes. She believed that it would spread, so she committed suicide to help Svet. Matt took her role, and takes it with great care. One day, as he was fighting a Charakes invasion, he lost his left eye. He was 25, and has managed without it.
Appearance: Orange-y brown hair that reaches his shoulders, and a stubby beard that he tries to shave every week. Usually uses a brown vest and a long sleeved white puffy shirt. Covers his right eye with a red bandana, but occasionally takes it off to scare new kids. has long brown pants, though they're pulled up by big, black boots.
(The leader has to be at least 25, sorry!)
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Till the World Ends- RP APP
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